Poetry, The Sacred Erotic

Holy woman

I am wholly woman
I am holy, woman

These days
I am way more interested 
in embodiment than enlightenment

in expression than suppression
in sovereignty than submissiveness
in going deep than getting high

I’ve found God
in all the places I was warned not to look
Pleasure and the erotic are gateways
not obstacles – to knowing my divinity.

My body is a portal of power
not a sin

Yes, my flesh is holy
My loins never lie .
My desires show me the way …
they don’t lead me astray .
I’m much more interested
in cats than dogma…
especially the big cats
that remind me
of my instinctual and wild nature
which I’ve come to know
is just as holy
as my Buddha nature. .

Yes, I am a holy woman
and wholly woman

My deepest desire is to liberate myself ..
I’ve given up on berating myself
and drowning in the shame
of “not being holy enough” .

Now I know that it’s up to me
to set myself free
I have the key .

No man in a cloak with a beard and long hair
can give me what is my birthright .

Yep… I was born to be free
And free I will be. 

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