Love letters to the Goddess, Poetry

Naked again

Here I am
Naked again
Feeling outrageously courageous

It’s not my skin that wants to be seen
but my soul
Don’t ask me why-
The Mystery rarely explains herself
Call me a fool
But I’ve placed my trust
in She who makes no sense to my mind

Yet she sets my heart and soul on fire
She terrifies me and yet I adore her

I’ve fanned my flames
And now I am dancing in the ashes
These bones wildly rattled
Barefoot and bare breasted
Garlanded with Grace
Emboldened by fire

Having burnt away the dross
The goldenness reveals itself

Love bursting forth uncontrollably
Unafraid to call her by name,
The Goddess:
She comes when I call her
Making herself at home in this body
Where she belongs

This time she looked me
straight in the eye
making it impossible to deny
Her presence
Always here

Whether I see her or not
She sees me
As only the Great Mother could

So I meet her gaze
She urges me
She urges us all:

Birth your soul
While you are here

Do not hurry
But do not delay
All of you
is needed here

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