The truth about this longing I feel

The truth about this longing I feel⁣⁣
is that it agonises me to no end⁣⁣
My heart is ablaze ⁣🔥
No matter how many times I turn away⁣⁣
I return – and it is there ⁣⁣

Relentless; ⁣⁣
Demanding all of me ⁣⁣
The flames of this yearning⁣⁣
consume me⁣⁣

I try to fight it ⁣
but it only burns more ⁣⁣

Rumi romanticises it⁣⁣
But let me tell you – ⁣⁣
It is excruciating ⁣⁣
What can I do, but throw myself into that fire? ⁣⁣
Although it tortures me,⁣⁣
it is a portal ⁣⁣
into the depths of Love ⁣;
an exquisite opening ⁣⁣

I project it onto an “other”⁣ -⁣
Some vision of a lover⁣⁣
who may or may not even be real⁣⁣
When I reach to find it outside of me⁣⁣
the searing pain of separation ⁣⁣
pierces to the heart of an undeniable truth :⁣
That this longing I feel⁣⁣
Is longing for ME ! ⁣⁣

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