Love letters to the Goddess, Poetry, Sacred Feminine

Buddha was not a woman

Don’t tell me to be equanimous ⁣⁣in the face of injustice⁣⁣
My passion is power; I will not deny my fire⁣⁣
This is the very energy ⁣⁣that compels me⁣⁣
to heal myself ⁣⁣and to heal the world ⁣⁣
Buddha was not a woman.⁣⁣
Though I am ⁣⁣
Have you met his female counterpart,
Vajrayogini? ⁣⁣
She is a woman on fire,⁣⁣
like me ⁣⁣
Baring her breasts; baring her all;⁣⁣
animating Life itself ⁣⁣
through her blood-red body.⁣⁣
Dancing. ⁣⁣
Eternally dancing. ⁣⁣
Her necklace of skulls clanging ⁣⁣
as her passion surges ⁣⁣
through her flesh and bones ⁣⁣
The blood she drinks from her skull cap chalice⁣⁣
tastes so sweet to her: ⁣⁣
Devouring illusion is her bliss ⁣⁣
Her ferocity it not to be feared⁣⁣
it is to be revered ⁣⁣
Things are not always as they seem⁣⁣
She too is enlightened -⁣⁣
This wild, worldly and blood-red woman of a Buddha;⁣⁣
Embodiment of wisdom ⁣⁣
Don’t berate me because I dare to feel ⁣⁣
Through feeling I am liberated
Do not be deceived ⁣⁣
⁣⁣for beneath this surging of emotion⁣⁣
is a deep ocean of tranquility ⁣⁣
The essence of Buddha is at my core,
Inseparable from this apparent chaos ⁣⁣
My feelings are a guiding force I can count on ⁣⁣- not something I will relinquish for your comfort
They are Shakti – energy; power; the essence of life ⁣⁣
They are beyond reason ⁣⁣
And require no justification ⁣⁣
– they are an intelligence of their own ⁣⁣
This passion fuels my purpose ⁣⁣
And peace exists within it⁣⁣
With my sword of truth I will cut myself free⁣⁣
from the belief that this force that flows through me is anything but sacred -⁣⁣
including this lifeblood ⁣⁣
that streams down my legs ⁣⁣
My path is to embrace life⁣⁣
I’m not here to rise above it. ⁣⁣
I’m here to awaken human hearts ⁣⁣
while I dance on the earth ⁣⁣
fully here; ⁣⁣
eyes open⁣⁣
with my heart as vast as the sky ⁣⁣
Feminine awakening may not be pleasing, pretty or prescribed⁣⁣
It may not tick the boxes created by your mind ⁣⁣
of the perfectly still Buddha under the Bodhi tree ⁣⁣
Unless you embrace She ⁣⁣
Fear will persist ⁣⁣
And the mind will resist ⁣⁣
the wonder, wildness and wisdom of woman ⁣⁣



Image: via the Yogini Project

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