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Why you should give up on your dreams

I’m putting some time in at the moment to dream up my next Himalayan Yogini Pilgrimage to Nepal after last year’s epic adventure.


While searching my computer today I came across a file entitled “Nepal Yoga Adventure”, which I assumed was the one I was looking for.

When I read it, I didn’t realise I had actually written it in 2014 (not long after this dream was first seeded), because the words were pretty much identical to the ones I have been writing up for this year’s upcoming journey.

Then I discovered that on THE EXACT DATE – only four years later – I wrote the first official invitation by email to the women who had re-ignited this dream that had lay dormant all those years.

Holy wow… 😲

What stands out to me about this is that I felt the dream and vision of the trip fully all those years ago.. and then I FULLY let it go.

I didn’t intentionally let it go (have you ever done that thing of “letting it go” because you think you might get what you want? 😅 😅 – I have!!!)

I didn’t put any energy into it until it came back into my field very strongly last year.

Almost out of the blue the signs pointed to “DO IT NOW”.

And so I did!

But it didn’t feel like me doing it… more like it was happening by itself.

… and a few months later I took seven women to Nepal ! 🇳🇵

(This picture was captured at the pinnacle of that adventure… I love how dreamy I look and remember feeling here up above the clouds.)

A theme that has arisen when talking to a few close girlfriends lately is about the importance of giving up on our dreams.

Yep – it’s totally unromantic, I know (and I’m sorry – because I’m a hopeless romantic too) 💔

But this is the perfect example…

I’ve also certainly had many a shattered dreams, as I’m sure you have too.

I’ve been with partners I dreamt of marrying, followed by the devastation of heart break, only to feel so relieved years later that we never took that path together! 😅
Thank goodness for retrospect right?

AND – there are so many undreamed of dreams! Ones that haven’t even touched our conscious awareness.

And this is where it gets interesting. This is where it requires us to get the fuck out of the way so magic can happen!
We live in a world where we want it all now. I know I do 😂

But as the saying goes (and it’s annoying to hear when you’re not getting what you want)- there is a perfect timing for everything.

That very intelligence that transforms a bud into a rose in full bloom is also orchestrating our lives.

There is a MUCH BIGGER PICTURE than what we can see. There is a force that knows way better than our limited minds do!

Sometimes we need to LET DREAMS GO. Like, properly kiss them goodbye and be okay with our lives without their coming true.

Sometimes they are holding us back and getting is stuck in tunnel vision – how we think things “should” be.

Recently I’ve let some pretty big ones go…

My teacher Naomi Love who I am apprenticing with offered a guided meditation for the new year called “Calling yourself home from outdated dreams” – something I’d never thought to do!

As I listened, I lay sobbing on the temple floor within minutes as I felt the grief of the dreams I knew it was time to let go of to make way for the new.

We pour a lot of energy into our dreams, and to reclaim this energy and power and open up to new possibilities is important.

The little girl in me has had some SUPER ROMANTIC dreams, and I can see how they have actually held me back.

There are things I’ve wanted SO FRICKIN BADLY that have never come about .. LOL.. but I haven’t been willing to let them go.

It’s cliched I know, but the ones that are really meant to be, will be (remember that song, “Que Sera Sera”? )

And I think knowing that means we can RELAX… and let go of holding our dreams so tightly… and make way for the undreamed of dreams and the perfect timing of the seeds planted long ago!


TRUST, baby.

SURRENDER (it’s as sweet as they say!) 🍯

By this I mean offering our dreams into the hands of something far bigger than ourselves

I’m not meaning to say we are giving our power away… no.

This, in my experience, is actually the greatest empowerment.

Because WE ARE THAT SOMETHING BIGGER… well – we are a part of it – only most of the time we don’t realise this.

And normally we have to LET GO OF CONTROL to actually access this “bigness”.

I’ve noticed that the harder I try, the harder things are.

🌸 Whereas, when I soften and open, I am able to notice where there is a natural inspiration, sources of support and abundant energy. And when I go with that, there is ease and flow.

I wonder…

☁️ Are you holding your dreams too tightly??

☁️ Are you leaving room for the Mystery to work her magic?

☁️ Are you trusting the timing?

☁️ Are you prepared to let the old dreams go?

Tune in, listen, and notice where the energy is. Notice where there is ease. Follow the breadcrumbs.

And YESSS to softening and opening and letting the mystery have her way with us. ♥️

Okay, that’s my Sunday sermon done 😅

Have you had any experiences like this?? GO! ⤵️

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