Sacred Feminine

I’m not quite a Queen

I’m not quite a Queen 👑 But I am ready to be

The seer in me has brought light to she: The damsel in distress

My denial of her is the cause of the distress I’ve been feeling

So today, at the end of my tether, I decided to acknowledge her. I took a very close look at her, without looking away as I have been until now.

She is a total princess, waiting for a prince to sweep her off her feet

She cries for help; awaiting the knight in shining armour, wanting none other than him to rescue her –
yet she possesses the very sword required to set herself free 🗡

She expects golden opportunities to be served up on a platter;

She thinks she should be able to have whatever she wants, when she wants it – she shouldn’t have to work for it!
She is daddy’s girl – in a woman’s body

Her frivolity might seem like freedom

But now I see – it has been keeping me bound

No wonder these very traits have been triggering me as I have seen them arise in others lately -I’ve been refusing to see her in me.

I’ve felt ashamed of her

I’ve kept her locked up
Denying her existence
Ironically – this is the very thing that has kept her alive;
holding me back from my Queendom

It is time to face the dragon 🐉

Keeping her in the shadows has been a convenient way to avoid responsibility

So I take responsibility for her now

As an emerging queen I am coaching her –
how to use the sword that is within her

And letting her know that there is no part of her that actually needs saving.

Her insistence on being saved is the very reason she is trapped

Her inaction is keeping her stuck

No longer can I deny my true power

I have a damn fine knight within me:
A capable inner man who is being called to step forth

It is time for me to recognise my own agency;

to step into the next level of self-sovereignty

So I’m rewriting the myth

As of today
I am no longer a damsel in distress

I am a queen in the making

Next weekend I will be taking part in a special initiation which I have been in preparation for these last 3 months -a traditional indigenous rite of passage into womanhood

And lately, it’s been hella deep, dark & messy as I’ve met my most resistant resistances (Hello!) and teetering on some damn edgy edges .

But already – I feel more whole, free & powerful. Ready as ever.

👑 Queendom is coming!

Art: The Knight Errant 1870 by Sir John Everett Millais

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