Awaken to the dreaming

Will you listen long enough

to hear your name being called in the breeze?

Will you lean in close enough
to feel the breath of the ancient ones against your tender cheek
and to hear the secrets they are whispering to you?

Will you relinquish your resentments
to receive the immensity of love that is here?
Will you surrender your shame
to let love songs pour through your lips
in adoration for the One?

Will you bow to the sun
who rises devotedly each day, for you?
Or let another day slip by
in ignorance of who you really are?
… of the immaculate love
that streams through the sunlight
and into your sacred heart?

Will you call upon your courage
to touch your misery
and let it shatter your heart open
to the Beloved one?

Be humbled
Let in in

There are codes contained
in the fluttering of wings
that will awaken you to the Mystery
– if only you are here

There is a deeper truth
longing to be known by you.

To stay asleep is no longer an option
Awaken to the dreaming, beloved

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