Medicine of the rose, Poetry

Revelation of the rose

You are prized for your beauty
But have they truly seen you?
Your sublime appearance is but a taste
Of what you will reveal
If you are truly revered
Your endless spiralling enchants
like a temple dancer
Hypnotising with your beauty
Intoxicating with your fragrance
Subduing the mind
Awakening the heart
Activating the body
Deep in the folds of a rose are the shadows
The dark velvety depths
Daring you to enter
To know her more deeply
You may know her by name
But do you know her essence?
Have you traced her roots deep into the earth?
Have you followed her lineage back in time
to the ones who knew her mysteries intimately?
Do you long to truly see her for who she is?
For she longs to reveal to you

Who you really are. 🌹


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