Love letters to the Goddess, Poetry, Sacred Feminine, The Sacred Erotic, Womb wisdom

Forbidden fruit

I didn’t eat the forbidden fruit
I devoured it

Its juices dripped down my chin
And into the cavern between my breasts

Anointing my womb as it dripped down
below my waist
Without haste

I didn’t fall from grace
I surrendered with it
In complete and utter rapture

I am ecstatic in my incarnation
There is no promised land other than here
Where I am

This body grants the gates to heaven

Proclaim me a sinner if you will
For I know who I truly am

Lead me into sweet temptation
For eros is my prayer

I take in the fruit
Like a lover
Deep inside me

I hunger for wisdom
I am ravenous for the real
I lust for life itself

And so I eat
The ripe fruit hanging
from the tree of life
Begging to be devoured

With each forbidden bite
I reclaim :
The innocence of my desires
The sacredness of my eroticism
The trust in my instincts
The wisdom of my body

I will not forsake my flesh

With each bite
I become more and more intimate
with secrets of life

The sensual is my sacrament
The fruit IS my womb

I am She, the so-called source
of the original sin
Who is the very source of Life itself

The true original sin
Was the shaming of the body
Its natural desires;
The outcasting of woman

So, I resurrect myself from the shame
You put to my name
I am not to blame

Eden is here
If we revere
Her once again

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