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Be the boss of your period???

“BE THE BOSS OF YOUR PERIOD” – These were the words that flashed up on a screen when I was at the doctors surgery today.

It was advertisement for a pill that claimed you would only need to have a period 2-3 times a year.

🔥The fire that is already steadily burning in my belly caught alight and I felt a surge of rage in my womb.

I feel it now as I write this post.

The timing was uncanny since last night I held a powerful circle about the blood mysteries and harnessing the power of our cycle

I felt angry because it perpetuates the message that our period is an inconvenience – which is a MYTH that disempowers women not only from her natural rhythms but from a time of the mo(o)nth where her womanly superpowers are fully activated – if she is awake to the wisdom of her womb.

This is exactly what I am passionate about awakening in women. 🌙

All women possess this power – only layers and layers of conditioning (ads like this) totally distort this truth.

I get the impression that “be the boss of your period” was meant to be empowering, yet to me it felt so manipulative in suggesting that we override nature to be more “productive” (the image was a woman who looked ready for work in jeans and a belt with her hands on her hips ..WTF).

So many women are so burnt out because of this very dishonouring of our natural rhythms which includes cycles of REST and retreat (which our bleeding time often calls for).

The more womb-centred we become, the more a woman can access her deeper truth and not just go along with what the doctors prescribe way too readily in my opinion. 🔻

I was on the pill for 10 years from age 15 so only actually came into relationship with my rhythms and cycles in my late 20s.

Coming off it was hell. It made me realise that being on it was like being under a spell – I experienced all kinds of health issues and symptoms and it took many years to come back into balance.

A few years ago I unearthed and moved through a lot of anger and rage at the medical system for robbing me of a connection that I now treasure and cherish.

AND I realised the anger ran much more deeply as I understood that my experience was not just mine – that this was a metaphor for the much larger scale manipulation of nature and overriding of feminine wisdom and ways creating huge imbalance on the planet which is now needing radical measures to rectify.

And Gaia needs more women awake to their womb power.

Allowing myself to fully feel this anger ignited my passion for what I now share with women – so that rather than being the victim of a system that disempowers women, I can be a radical change maker that won’t stand for that which cuts women off from their true power and inner knowing.

I know many women grieving the loss of their regular cycle after some kind of hormonal intervention that interrupts the natural rhythm of the body.
I also I hear a lot of women expressing grief for not being initiated into the wisdom of their cycles from a younger age.

It really should happen at menarche, but that said, it’s never too late.

Anyhow – consider this post a conversation starter – what does “be the boss of your period” evoke for you???

The more we share our stories, the more we can dismantle the myths.


Jasmine Rose 🥀

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