Sacred Feminine

She of the wild


Part of me wants to be completely anonymous⁣⁣
Known by name only to the woods ⁣⁣
and the creatures that roam there ⁣⁣🌿

Yet here I am, showing up on your screen⁣⁣
Screaming to be seen ⁣⁣


Don’t get me wrong⁣⁣
There is nothing desperate about it ⁣⁣
But something deep is compelling me ⁣⁣
To share what’s on the inside to the outside⁣⁣

To reveal the ways of ⁣⁣
She of the wild ⁣⁣

So here I am⁣⁣
Like me or not⁣⁣

I can’t keep quiet any more ⁣⁣
You’re going to be seeing more of me⁣⁣
And the magic I’ve been hiding⁣⁣ 🐍 ⁣⁣
The wisdom that I keep ⁣⁣
is not meant only for me ⁣⁣

And the wisdom you carry is to be given, not guarded ⁣⁣

Covens have always gathered to share of this wisdom and imbibe of each others unique essence and magic ⁣⁣🦋

The hive requires the participation of each and every bee to make the honey ⁣⁣🐝

I am here to call women out of hiding and into sisterhood, so we can partake in its nectar and gift our medicine to the world 🌸⁣⁣

The women who sit in my circles come to rekindle their relationship with their wild – their native knowing within. ⁣⁣

Their magic awakens and their skin starts to glisten and an unmistakable sparkle shines through their eyes – a look of knowing is exchanged between us as that something deep is shared that words cannot speak 🌙⁣⁣

The sisterhood that naturally blossoms out of this willingness to be seen is something women didn’t even REALISE they were yearning for. ⁣⁣🌺

It is such a THRILL of this grand re-awakening of the divine feminine here in earth.⁣⁣ 🌏
Jai Maa !!! 💙

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