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Why working with serpent energy is NOT for the faint-hearted

Art: Lemurian Starchild oracle

πŸ‰ Working with serpent energy is NOT for the faint-hearted.

β₯ It is NOT for you if you want to look “spiritual” but avoid getting down and dirty with what is really and truly arising – the way of “untaming the serpent” is GRITTY and liberating – not airy fairy or fluffy by any means.

SNAKE has her belly on the earth at all times. 🐍

β₯ It is NOT for you if you’d rather look away from the less “pretty” parts of yourself.

Did you know the snake’s eyes are always open? β—‰ β—‰

β₯ It is NOT for you if you want to stay stuck in old patterns and ways of being and doing that are comfortable (many women go through break-ups when they take part in my temple groups 🀭 which isn’t a given but basically, anything that isn’t aligned with your highest path will become evident).

β₯ This is NOT for you if you’d rather keep quiet than speak your truth – as jumbled up or jittery as it comes through. It is time we break our vows of silence.

I acknowledge that this can feel edgy, but staying small is actually way more uncomfortable

::: You have already outgrown your old skins :::

The more a snake grows, the more frequently she sheds her skins. 😲

β₯ This is NOT for you if you are waiting for fear to dissolve before saying YES to yourself; saying yes to LIFE – its dark, its light and everything in between.

And THIS is where we are truly able to come to life. To uncover the shimmering new skin beneath the layers we shed. ✨🌈 The armour that once kept us safe is now keeping us stuck.

So let’s dismantle, with LOVE, all the layers we’ve outgrown and uncover our deeper truth. πŸ’œ

Let’s do it together, with the support of the sisterhood in the sacred temple space, as we always would have done. The temple arts are being revived β˜₯

Because though it may not be comfortable, there is a deeper joy that surges through as we support each other’s dance of liberaton and witness each other’s glorious revelation. 🌟 Let’s do it for ourselves, each other, our ancestors and the ones yet to come – for the awakening of consciousness on our beloved planet earth.


Sisters – do you hear the call?

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