Womb wisdom

Blood of life

We tend to associate blood with injury or illness, and yet menstrual blood is quite the opposite – it’s the very blood that nourished our life in the womb of our mother. ⁣

The blood that is shed when we menstruate is the lining of the uterus that could have nourished a new life. ⁣

I believe the way a woman relates to her menstrual blood is a reflection of how she relates to her primordial feminine power. ⁣

The health of our blood also indicates the health of our body overall. ⁣

Bleeding time is a natural time of detoxification – if we didn’t get pregnant, we are shedding the lining of the uterus that is no longer needed for that purpose, and at the same time we detoxify our entire system – which is part of the blessing of bleeding. ⁣

If we notice the texture, colour or fragrance is “off”, it is likely pointing to something being out of balance (healthy blood is free flowing, fragrant, bright red and without clots)⁣

As we purify the womb space and our bodies, physically and energetically, the menstrual blood is a powerful elixir that personally I consecrate by placing on a chalice on my altar with my prayers and intentions before offering back to the earth. ⁣

At times I have offered my blood at power places across the planet to merge my essence with the strong energy of those places that resonate with my soul. ⁣

Today I’m on day one of my bleed which always inspire me to delve into the blood mysteries. 🥀

I share more about this in a podcast interview as part of the Rose Series with Kirsty Targrass ⁣❤️

How do you relate to your menstrual blood, or if you don’t bleed, how to relate to the blood of those wombyn close to you? ⁣

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