Love letters to the Goddess, Sacred Feminine

Singing Shakti Awake

🗡 The Goddess made a grand entrance into my life in 2013. The fierce mother Dᥙrgā initiated me into my power by clearly showing me where I was giving it away. ⁣⁣

Kāᥣι Maa shook me awake and in her wake left the rubble of everything that she destroyed on the battlefield of my life. ⁣⁣
She humbled me and brought me to my knees, revealing my ignorance and reminding me of my innate innocence. ⁣⁣
The myth goes that from this big churning eventually arises the Amrita – the nectar 🍯 Goddess Lᥲkṣmī made her presence known, pouring upon me an endless showering of blessings. ⁣🌸
The essential piece to receive this grace was SURRENDER. True surrender – not as a concept but a complete and utter bowing to the Mystery. 🙏🏻

A wild faith and relaxation into not knowing. Trusting in something much bigger having my back, always – if only I let her. ⁣🖤
And thereby emerges the wisdom and subtle presence of Sᥲrᥲsvᥲtī – Goddess of music, sound and refined creativity.⁣⁣
In a culture devoid of devotion, singing the names of the Goddess, heartfelt prayer and ritual has sweetened my heart and life beyond measure. 💛

Singing Shakti awake through mantra is truly ECSTATIC, soul stirring and evokes a deep and unparalleled remembrance – which is why I created the event “Ecstatic Chants of Shakti” . If you’re in Brisbane or closeby, I could LOVE you to come along to our third and final event for 2019 – buy your ticket here.


Jasmine Rose

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