Sacred Feminine

The less I try to fit in, the more I feel I belong

The less I try to fit in, the more I feel I belong. ⁣?‍♀️?‍♀️???‍♂️?‍♂️

Over the weekend I took a camping adventure for my birthday on the beautiful island of Minjerribah. ⁣?

I experienced what I can only describe as a soulgasm (!!) in the presence of these women… ⁣??? We were seated within a womb space that was formed by rocks on a clifftop by the ocean, having entered reverently through a yoni-like passageway. ⁣

We drummed to honour the ancestors, we sung for healing, for the planet, and most of all – to remember. ⁣

We had entered a portal, without a doubt.⁣

I admitted “I have been yearning for this SO deeply” as I gazed around into their luminous eyes. ⁣?

I literally experienced a full-bodied soulgasm in deep recognition of these sisters who undeniable I have journeyed with before in lifetimes before.⁣

The reunion felt absolutely euphoric as it rose through my body. ⁣?

The more I devote myself to embodying my soul, without compromise, the more soul sisters dance into my life.⁣

The presence and love women like this grants me permission to be myself fully – my gifts naturally emerge and my soul blossoms when held in this much love. ⁣? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ??????????? ⁣

To give ourselves this much love and permission. ⁣❤️

To KNOW our soul and express her fully – without holding back. ⁣

RADICAL SELF ACCEPTANCE is key. ⁣ Loving the parts that might feel unlovable. Unleashing the parts that feel wild. Revealing our tender places.⁣

For a long time I felt such a burning yearning in my heart for this kind of connection. ⁣?

I could have shut it down, but instead I chose to open to it. ⁣?

Feeling the yearning fully is essential to truly welcome in what we deeply desire – as is putting our hearts on the line by being willing to reveal ourselves fully.

The less I hold myself back, the deeper my connections are. ⁣

The risk to the wounded self is that we will be rejected if we reveal all of ourself, but without this willingness deep intimacy is impossible. ⁣

Deep intimacy with all of life is what I live for ?

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