Womb wisdom

Reclaiming the word “witch”

It’s Friday the 13th and I can’t think of a better day to celebrate the wild and wise women who walk (read, dance naked 😅) by my side.

How did I get so lucky?…to find the ones willing to strip bare around the fire and get wild with me… and not only that – but bare their hearts and souls?

Actually – luck had little to do with it It didn’t happen by accident
The romantic in me wants to call it destiny
But the truth is: It required me to be bold enough to reveal myself;
My magick;
To dare to admit my desires And feel the burning of my yearning
For a coven – a circle of magical women to conjure with

Of course, they heard my call
And I heard theirs

I believe there is a primordial yearning in women to dance naked with other women around the fire- to activate each other’s magic

And my wish is that all women who yearn for this can experience this
To roar, to shake, to cackle, and unshackle

And by the way… don’t believe what they told you about Friday 13th being unlucky (who are “they” anyway – they have a lot to answer for!)

Don’t believe what they told you about witches being wicked either…
Unless you want to trace back the original meaning of “wicked” which comes from the root word “Wicca” – referring to wizard or “wicce” meaning witch

Many fear this word
Because they fear their own power
And – rightly so -because to claim one’s power in many lifetimes would not have been safe.

A witch is a woman in her power,
In touch with her magick

So we may as well reclaim our wickedness, along with the true legacy of Friday the 13th – a day sacred to the goddess and to women

I’m not afraid to call myself a witch
I know many women before me could not reveal this truth about themselves
Too much was at stake (Pun actually not intended!)

The witch burnings were brutal
And not actually that long ago
These memories live on in our DNA.

I recently heard an EXCELLENT podcast that details the history that is part of all of our legacies – I can HIGHLY recommend it. It is highly illuminating and will get your fire burning, for sure Happy Friday the 13th, witches 🐈‍⬛

Remember and revel in your magick, always 🌹

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