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The truth about the Divine Mother

I recently saw the Divine Mother being described as a “concept”. My whole body shuddered reading this. As someone who lives in deep devotion to the Feminine principle, I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Divine Mother is SO much more than a concept. She is a felt reality …

This knowing in me is unshakable, that to reduce her to a concept is to undermine and completely diminish the force that births all of life; the sacred pulsation that underpins all of existence.

In a world where the feminine has been desecrated, this kind of language only perpetuates the deeper truth that humanity’s very survival depends upon – let alone our evolution

The nature of the Feminine; the Great Mother; The Goddess; Shakti… call her what you will; is that she cannot be conceptualised; we cannot grasp her through our mind, or make sense of the Mystery

She is a felt Reality

We can KNOW her directly. The path of shakti is the path of direct revelation; of deep gnosis. There is no intermediary required.

She reveals herself to us through our body, senses, heart and soul. She commands our utter surrender; our most sincere and heartfelt devotion

In our yearning to know her, she reveals herself – our longing is what opens the door.

We must be willing to feel the exquisite tenderness of this longing, and all that it unveils. No amount of study will replace a true surrender; a reverence that opens the heart and the body to this sublime She;

To whom I bow, again and again.

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