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Meeting Mary Magdalene

She was wrapped in red silk, and greeted me by draping her silk over my skin and inviting me, without words, to relish the sensation of the smooth silk gliding across my skin.

She wanted me to welcome the pleasure without shame. Her appearance was striking.

She was about my age but with a wisdom of the ancients. Her flawless porcelain complexion beamed with radiance from deep within. Her strength was undeniable.

She had thick dark brown tousled hair that caressed her shoulders – much to her delight. She gazed at me with deep penetrating brown eyes, ablaze with a deep knowing of her own power, which clearly, she had fully claimed.

Her unwavering gaze fiercely reminded me without hesitation of that power within me – that which I have felt afraid to fully acknowledge and express.

She was incredibly alluring, beautiful and deeply, unashamedly erotic – and yet it was clear that we was a sovereign woman who had mastery over her creative energy. Meeting her made my whole body shudder.

I felt so vibrant and alive, a serpentine energy buzzed through my spine followed by a steady wave of orgasmic energy that rocked me so wildly that I erupted in uncontrollable ecstatic laughter.

She placed one hand on my womb and the other on my heart.. the Shakti force she emitted was high voltage – but she knew I could handle it and I let myself receive her transmission.

She wanted to remind me of the immensity of my erotic power, and that it is a holy, healing force that can be channelled for good. She urged me to merge the purity of heart with the power and erotic energy of my womb.

I felt the resistance to embrace her fully in my womb as I met past and present life betrayals of this sacred erotic energy and deeply embedded shame- both my own and of the collective feminine.

Feeling my resistance, she drew my body to hers, merging our wombs we danced belly to belly, her arms around my waist, the two of us danced as one, together wrapped in the red silk. The orgasmic energy intensified, and the resistance melted. I heard/felt the words clear as day: “Welcome home.”

I broke down in tears as it felt like a true homecoming.

{Excerpt from my journal – my first meeting with Mary Magdalene in 2017}

Art: Lily Moses

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