Confessions of a temple keeper

“Temple keeper” is never something I would’ve imagined as part of my job description. And yet, it is at the heart of all I do!

I joked to my beloved recently that I spend as much time tending my altars as most people do on Netflix. I don’t even have a Netflix account 😅

Creating sacred spaces – whether online, or even better – in the flesh – is my artistry. My devotion.

It is the way I bring beauty to the world. The way I serve Love. ♥️

The sacred has been stripped out of so much modern culture.

And I am here to revive the temple.

The kind of space that evokes a deep remembering and an embodied experience of one’s true beauty. 🌹

I have a way of being able to create an experience that transforms our consciousness and uplifts our hearts;

A ceremonial space that is a time out of time;

A space dedicated to beauty, love, prayer and togetherness in ways that I know we all deeply need and crave.

A communion with the sacred.

This might sound somewhat glamorous, or perhaps mysterious. But I gotta tell you – it’s actually a lot of work!

In fact, when I hold a special temple night like this, it completely consumes me as I tend to all the little details that bring a temple night to life. 🌙

And let me tell you – there are a LOT of details and behind the scenes preparation that allow the magick to unfold.

When it comes to holding ceremony, I don’t do things by halves.

This week that has looked like…

Sourcing the right roses 🌹- making sure they’ll be just the right amount open for the special night

Crafting the ritual and creating at atmospheric playlist that takes us on a journey, ensuring the tracks are just the right mood for the right moments ✨ (there is absolutely an art to this!)

Conjuring in my kitchen cauldron to prepare the temple feast – kitchen witchery is a big part of my lineage and ancestral medicine! 🥘

🌹Blending fragrant anointing oils (I’m called Jasmine Rose for a reason – more recently I’ve been given the nickname ‘the nose that knows 😅’

Not to mention -the energetic housekeeping, packing all the temple supplies, communicating with the participants  etc etc… I won’t bore you with all the details.  

It’s a lot of work, yes. It doesn’t make logical sense. It doesn’t really pay off in money, truth be told 😅. 

But I love it. ♥️

And it transforms me.

And it transforms the women who share these spaces with me.

Devotion is a key pillar in my spiritual practice.

Not only does it purify the heart, but it sweetens it immensely

I become a vessel for the love to pour in and through.

It’s sublime.

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