Musings, Sacred Feminine

The witch wound

It surprises me a little, even though I’ve been doing it for years…
That when I admit I worship the Goddess
Or anything of that nature
That I still feel a subtle terror gripping at my stomach;
A contraction in my throat

Hidden shame surfaces
And wrenches my gut
My instinct is to hide

Other times I am feeling shaky, and I do it anyway!
This ancient fear of persecution is STRONG!

Have you felt it??

It’s not the first time I’ve felt this, but I’ve noticed the more I ‘put myself out there’ and reveal the truth of who I am (which I am coming to know ever more deeply),
Hidden layers of this ‘witch wound’ come up to be healed.

There’s a voice inside me that says : “Are you CRAZY?!”
“Don’t let them know this about you!”

AND… I can see that part, and love that part – because I know she is trying to protect me.


I thank her.
And I tell her: “It is safe now”.

I remind myself again & again,
And I remind you if you need it :

“It is safe to be in my power”

Say it with me!

“It is safe to be in my power”

Not only is it safe
It is necessary!!

Thank the Goddess
There is a deeper knowing
That I have nurtured and strengthened
That in reclaiming her:
The woman in me who is a mystic, a witch, a seer, a priestess
(There, I said it!)
That these gifts be accessed for the greater good

When I dare to reveal myself
It is not simply for myself
But the women who came before me

And’s for YOU!

I speak for the sisters who haven’t found their voice yet
Whose power & magick is undercover (For now)

In revealing myself
I liberate myself
From the burden of
Denying the fullness of who I am

AND… Kindred sisters find their way to me!!!

And me to them.

Most of my sisters remember being witches
Wise women
Medicine woman
Just as our ancestors were, somewhere along the line
We remember being in circle together
Weaving ourselves back into our original wholeness;
Activating our soul’s blueprint
And having a damn good time in the process!
Like dancing naked around the fire 🔥😄

So sister… I SEE YOU.
It is SAFE.
The world NEEDS you embracing the fullness of your power and magick.

I’ve got your back 🙌🏽

May it be so ❣️

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