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The goddess takes form in woman

The female form has been endlessly objectified,
Or denied
in the pursuit of spirit
The flesh of woman considered “sinful”;
The root of temptation
Which is why so many women are cut off from their power.
The wisdom of the female body has been overridden for millennia.
The body of the earth herself - our home- has been subjected to the same abuse 🌏
Our modern culture is obsessed with appearance,
Denying woman access to the nourishing waters of her depths.
Women are THIRSTY - yet often misguided in seeking to quench that thirst outside of herself;
Or keeping up appearances while her soul remains severely undernourished.
The imprint of patriarchy runs so deep that often we don’t even realise how embedded it is.
Until She,
In her fury for being forgotten
In her wild longing to be known
Demands our attention 🐍
Be it through pleasure or pain
Birth or death
Or the recognition that the two cannot be separated;
Or avoided
Perhaps she humbles us with her absolute wonder
And once we see her,
feel her,
taste her,
touch her…
we cannot turn away.
Only through the body can we heal the separation between spirit and matter. 
A woman who knows and honours the presence of the sacred within her, and the creative power she possesses, is a gift to the world.
The female body contains portals to power, and gateways to truth. It is an ASSET to awakening.
It is our birthright to feel at home in our skin In touch with the innocence and the NATURALNESS of our sensuality 🍒
Our body is home of the soul and an expression of spirit
The Goddess taking shape - not in an icon,
Or a statue
But in your flesh, blood and bones

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