Medicine of the rose, Sacred Feminine

Praise for the thorn

So many praise the beauty of a rose. But can we really praise the rose without praising her thorns?

I’ve heard thorns ignorantly described as the “flaws” or a rose. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I consider thorns to be protectors of the sacred.

The thorns, her guardians and gatekeepers;piercing those who selfishly grasp, wanting only to take, or those who are absent minded in the presence of her glory.

Those who truly revere her will approach with presence and respectAnd only then will she invite them closer; offering her fragrance & beauty freely and generously

The more I recognise the sacred feminine presence within myself, and the more I understand the preciousness & purpose of this incarnation, the more necessary it becomes that I bare my thorns (i.e BOUNDARIES!). Thorns that protect what I hold sacred – including myself


On this morning’s visit to my local rose farm – a weekly ritual I cherish – it was the thorns that spoke to me most loudly.

Her thorns have been piercing through illusion for me this week. They are teaching me about radical self-respect without shutting down my heart.


This has been an ongoing lesson for me – and I’ve had some big breakthroughs around this this week. The teachings of the thorns will be an essential part of the upcoming Temple of the Sacred Rose women’s circle in Brisbane.

I know so many beautiful open-hearted, loving, sensitive women (I tend to attract them, because that describes me too!) who could benefit from the teachings of the thorn around boundaries and self-respect.

I’ve been journeying with the rose for nearly 5 years now, but since announcing this temple journey I have been undergoing a deeper initiation into her medicine & wisdom – thorns and all!

I have created this temple journey on the Rose’s insistence, trusting that the women who need to be in circle with us will not only hear, but heed the call.


She may allure us with her beauty & fragrance – but for those who dare to lean in closer, know her more deeply, she has SO much wisdom to reveal.

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