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Re-membering the Feminine

Our feminine nature is something most women have learnt to override or suppress. So rather than needing to learn to “be feminine”, we need to 𝒖𝒏𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒏 the programming that has kept her suppressed and subordinate;

TO recognise and release the beliefs we’ve internalised,

AND unearth the deep wisdom in the body that has been there all along.
To experience this ancient knowing rather than need to understand or manipulate it

The feminine is remembered

Re-membered …

All of the ways we’ve exiled her are brought home into wholeness



With reverence and the tenderness of a mother ❤️

Rather than imposing our agenda on her – grasping and groping in desire to get something from her will only distance ourselves further from she who is innate;

She cannot be forced

Instead… welcome her

Give her space


Let her show you the way

The feminine is not another thing to get right;

To put pressure on ourselves to achieve

She flowers & reveals herself when we take the pressure off 🌹

Whether they are learning Shakti Yoga with me, sitting in my temple or receiving womb healing sessions, I often hear women say things like:

“I forgot that I knew this!”

“It’s like coming home”

“I could feel my ancestors with me”

It feels so natural

Because it is


Super natural in fact ✨ Women are magical creatures With super powers, simply by virtue of being in a female body.

The more a woman becomes attuned to her own body, cycles and womb, the less power patriarchal imprints have as she is guided more and more from her own body wisdom instead.

Which is why I am SO passionate about guiding women to align with this embodied wisdom …It’s a joy & an ever unfolding spiral path that I am wholeheartedly devoted to 🌹

I bow to all the women who have walked this path before me and beside me now, and the mysterious wisdom that is continuously pulling me in … deeper and deeper ❤️

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