Musings, Sacred Feminine

Are you applying a masculine model to your feminine energy?

Again and again I see women applying a masculine model to their feminine energy, trying to attain and achieve something that already dwells in our depths; She who is ready to be remembered and melted into rather than sought after

We’re told that sheer willpower allows us to get what we want, which of course works to a certain extent, This is the dominant way of thinking. And in a hyper-masculine and patriarchal world – the only way

All the while, the feminine is completely trampled upon; Her wisdom ignored.

Relying only on willpower can exhaust us – especially when it’s powered by stress rather than available energy.

Resting back can feel dangerous, as if we might miss out.

But the truth is – we are missing out by NOT resting back.

There is incredible magic in letting life come to us rather than pushing and forcing to make things happen.

This is the feminine quality of receptivity.

When we are relaxed and trusting, we tend to draw toward us desirable experiences.We are available for pleasure; existing in the magic.

This is the feminine quality of magnetism.

All of this is conceptual until it is experienced in the body, which is at the heart of everything I practice (and preach!) This includes slowing down, cultivating pleasure, deep full-bodied relaxation, softening … 🌹 to name a few.

The truth is, the Feminine can exist a little “beneath” our ordinary consciousness.

To drop into her current – to surrender – can be incredibly intimidating to the part of us that likes to believe we are in control.

A time comes, however, where there gripping and grasping simply cannot be sustainedWe are exhausted; perhaps even burnt out; unable to continue in this way.

A time comes where to hold on is much more painful than to let go.

So… we let her take us.

We give up the trying so hard.

We drop the agendas.

And allow her to pull us in and under, beneath the mundane, and into her mystery; the unfathomable depths that our soul knows as home

Here…We rest. We access deep reservoirs of energy. We receive.

And magic happens ✨

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