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A new vision for Sisterhood

The more I own and share my gifts and medicine, the more natural it is to celebrate that of my sisters.

I literally cannot help myself- my heart bursts when I see a sister bringing her beauty and medicine to the world.

Equally, the more I let myself receive the praise and support of my sisters,
My own cup floweth over.

And again, the generosity that pours forth is effortless


Such is the perpetual, abundant flow that nature intended
I’ve noticed that the natural result of womb work & healing/reclaiming our feminine energy is connectedness with sisters …

And this intimacy will reveal the wounds that keep us separate and in competition with each other!

Which is great, because it means we get to air them out – together.

They are not all personal – there are big collective themes – many which I’ve been unearthing lately! 😵‍💫

And in my experience, this healing happens naturally when we welcome and celebrate our feminine energy;

When we gather in circle with other women,

When we work with the womb;
The place of creation
Where there is no separation

We realise we are one Woman

That a sister’s suffering is our suffering
And that her joy is our joy
My healing is her healing
And on and on it goes

I feel like there’s so much more I want to say… this has been brewing a long while

Sisterhood is a HUGE theme in my life and my work, and recently I’ve touched into some deep wounds ready to be healed so that I can truly live the Vision for sisterhood that has been revealed to me.

So much I don’t have the words for yet, but truths that are landing ever deeper in my being

And mostly I just wanted to start a conversation about this


On that note, I’d love to know: Does this resonate with you? Have you had similar experiences or revelations?
Or do you see things differently?

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