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How I celebrate Friday the 13th

This mini cauldron belonged to my Grandmother in my matrilineage. I work with it to honour my ancestry. I use it to burn dried herbs and flowers in ceremony and to smoke my space.

On Friday 13th yesterday I paid homage to the wise and magical women in my lineage.

I especially called upon the ones who freely communed with the natural world and were consulted for their wisdom, medicine and crafts; revered and respected in their communities.

And then there were the ones that were burned, of course.
The ones who went underground and had to hide their knowledge and power, or practice in secret.
Where coming together as coven meant to risk their lives and reputations.

Last night, I welcomed a circle of women into my temple.

I have been celebrating Friday the thirteenth for years now, dispelling the idea Friday 13th is bad luck.
Reclaiming what was once lost and is now being uncovered.
Honouring the truth that this day is connected to the Goddess; a day sacred to women.

‘Witch’ often referred to a woman who weaved magic with the plants, elements and her body.

A woman deeply intimate with the ways of the wild and in full knowledge of her intricate entanglement and power to weave with it all.

Her words are spells and knowing this, she uses her tongue wisely.

She conjures potions to heal, soups to nourish, elixirs to enhance life.

Her touch can restore life and be a balm for the deepest ailments of soul.

None of this is supernatural.

It is natural.

And sadly, hugely suppressed and untapped in so many women. Which is why so much of my work is centered in uncovering latent power and energy.

This is the journey I am on.

I feel deep gratitude for the freedom I have, some of which has been granted by grace, and much of which has been the result of choices I have made – many which came with certain ‘sacrifices’.

Even a couple of the women who came to my temple last night revealed that they had to be quite secretive about where they were going and what they would be doing.

To me, it feels so natural and innocent. Not to mention – needed!

Sisters – I deeply honour your magic, and I hope you do too ❤️

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