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An ode to embodiment

Lately I’ve had quite a few strangers stop me in the street to complement or reflect back something about how I am in my body.

This was quite noticeable when I returned from facilitating the Shakti Yoga TT retreat, and it took me by surprise because these reflections were incredibly specific and unexpected.

… and I noticed myself being able to receive with an open heart,
letting myself be seen and appreciated,
giving thanks and exuding even more fully,
rather than shrinking and shying away from these reflections as I might have in the past.

Something I LOVE about teaching this work is that every time I teach it, I embody a deeper octave of its essence, or rather – she (shakti) has her way with me!

Something that feels more alive for me is a (hard-earned!) shamelessness about being in my body;

The more I recognise the innocence, the wisdom, and the power of my body, and the shakti that animates it, the more she comes to life. 🐍

And the more clearly I see how shame about the body runs SO deep in our culture.

And even now, there is a small voice in my head saying :

“How dare you be so bold in claiming your radiance in this way!”.


Which sparks my desire even more powerfully to dissolve this shame and to exude more of my essence as an offering to the world;

a showing of what is possible.

And to bring women in touch with this inner aliveness through the practices I teach and the space I create.

This is very much an energy thing, rather than an appearance thing.

It’s not what you wear

It’s an inner feeling

I’m all for embellishing with outer adornments 💍

But here I’m speaking to the power of how we are in our body

Not perfect or poised

Polished or pretty

But natural

Oozing with one’s own essence

This cannot be faked.

No amount of instagram filters or fake eyelashes or designer clothing will ever be a substitute for this inner radiance.

When I see another human embodied in this way
It always catches my eye

There is a certain magnetism

These are the kind of people I love being around

How about you???

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