Shakti Yoga (old)

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Shakti Yoga is a deeply grounding practice for women that brings us home into our bodies and into deeper intimacy with ourselves and with Life.

This is a deeply nurturing and healing practice to unravel tensions from the body, liberate the locked up energy of our emotions, and create space in the mind as we soften into the heart and womb.

Shakti Yoga is a cultivation of both serenity and strength. We come from a culture that has mistaken adrenaline for energy and hardness as strength.

I created Shakti yoga to return women to softness so that their strength can arise from a place of true and deep inner connection.

That she can ‘tap in’ and familiarise herself with her centre and the wisdom in her sensations – a deep inner knowing that is body rather than mind-based.

In Shakti Yoga we consecrate the senses as portals to awakening. We remember the innocence of our bodies and sensuality, exploring ways of being in our skin that FEEL GOOD.

We move and breathe to shake ourselves from the shackles that have kept us bound and shed the layers of gripping and tension so that the serpent power or Shakti can dance in her fullness.

These classes empower you to self-source energy from within you and harness your inner power.

Gentle and gradual in its approach yet profound and effective for those willing and ready to dive deep as we peel pack layers and align with the vibratory force of Shakti as energy, power, wisdom and creativity.

Shakti yoga is ….

  • a gentle yet potent practice in which we will access Source (creative) energy from within our feminine energy centres and the earth.
  • a sensual, embodied practice that is designed to FEEL GOOD!  Equally – all feelings are welcomed rather than denied, expression is favoured over suppression!
  • a Tantric (life-affirming) practice of embodied self-love designed to bring you more deeply in touch with yourself as a woman.
  •  taken s l o w l y. Each sensation and breath is relished as we attune more deeply with ourselves and our inner wisdom
  • a practice that turns our attention toward the subtle undercurrent of delight that is always present and available.
  •  a transformative + powerful cultivation of Shakti – creative energy – that arises out of mystical Yogini practice and that also acknowledges our cyclic and emotional nature as embodied women. Your divinity and humanity are equally welcomed and celebrated!
  • a practice that activates your innate feminine radiance that will shine forth from within.
  •  best practiced regularly to receive the full benefit! It is certainly not a quick fix and yet enormous benefit can be received from just one session, particularly when practiced with devoted attention and loving reverence.
    Shakti Yoga Mudra

Upcoming Shakti Yoga offerings


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Testimonials from women who have taken the Shakti Yoga course
“I adored the 5 week Shakti Yoga series with Jasmine! It gave me time & space to connect with my feminine essence in a much deeper way than I otherwise could have myself, & for that, it is SO worth it. The techniques are all excellent for moving energy, for cultivating deeper levels of relaxation/openness, & for connecting with the natural pleasure & aliveness that is constantly moving through us. Jasmine embodies the wisdom she teaches & creates an important container for women to sink into the innate beauty & complexity that is US! Highly recommend.” Petra Lane
“The Shakti Yoga course was so gracefully and lovingly by Jasmine to connect deeply with my divine feminine essence. As the weeks unfolded the tension and stories running through my busy mind started to dissolve. I noticed layers of fears and vulnerabilities stripping back to reveal the the bliss of embodiment.  The potency of this practice was absolutely palpable to the very core of my womb!

I ended the course feeling deeply softened and cracked open, and I have since included some of the practices we learnt into my home practice which has been immensely supportive and powerful as I anchor more and more into the shakti energy oscillating through my cells, calling me home to my inherent divine human and feminine essence.”  – Katie Parsons


“I really loved the Shakti Yoga course I took in November 2019 – it was just the medicine my being was needing.What I really notice from doing this practice is a subtle but tangible feeling of aliveness in my body that is deep and majestic. I am feeling a general softening that seems to permeate through all aspects of life and myself. I felt such a rare exquisiteness in Jasmine’s presence; a grounded, trustworthy, loving, steady grace. To feel embodied shakti, woman soft and powerful, fluid and strong, really has an impact. A resonance. Thank you. I look forward to more and am so inspired to deepen into my female body and uncover the exquisite jewels within!” – Christina Ranck


“I treasured the feeling of coming home into my body during Jasmine’s Shakti Yoga course, and tuning in to what I need to thrive and to grow. This awareness continued to build in each of the yoga sessions, and has continued to guide me in the months since completing the course. Jasmine created a safe and nurturing space for every woman in the circle, giving us time to prioritise and cherish ourselves, as well as time to reach out to the other women sharing the space, building strong connections of love and sisterhood. These beautiful gatherings shook me up, healed me, and have shown me the power I hold within myself.” Louise Elizabeth

“I simply cannot recommend Jasmine Rose or this Shakti Yoga course enough. I am already anticipating the next course with excitement!

After taking this course, you will have met yourself on a different level. You will begin to listen to your sacred femininity and inner power. You will find strength and console your weaknesses. You will feel different. That is the one part I can’t ever find the right words for, but I can genuinely promise, that you will each feel uniquely different in some beautiful way.

This isn’t a yoga designed around fitness, weight loss, or a just hipster practice. This is genuine, raw and real. Woman to woman. Womb to womb. Heart to heart. It is a safe place. A powerful practice. For me it was even a little bit life saving…..If you feel it calling you even in the slightest, dive in and embrace it. Please trust me in that 🌿🌹” – Hannah Friedrich

“I’m so glad I gifted myself the treat of The Shakti Yoga course. I was grappling with the idea that I didn’t have time to fit another thing in but as soon as I stepped into the first class I was so grateful and even shed a tear of joy for this gift of self love. Every class was like a mini retreat and really kept me going for the week.

The exercises flow so well and build on each other effortlessly. There is a grace and ease to Jasmine’s class yet an undeniable depth and power that comes through the work. I truly felt like each class I was coming home to my body.

Allowing my movement to follow my breath and feeling the subtle (and not so subtle) sensations was such a pleasurable experience. I highly recommend all of Jasmine’s work and the potent package that she is offering in the Shakti Yoga course is incredible.” – Felicity Reid


“I love attending Jasmine’s Shakti Yoga classes for so many reasons. Jasmine takes so much care with her offerings, making sure to delight all our senses. She nourishes the feminine soul with so much attention to beauty. The flowers and scents she provides allow me to soften into my own essence: bringing me home to myself. All of me is invited into the space with practices designed to nourish and celebrate woman.

I find the classes so deeply healing with a sense of true sisterhood where pleasure is welcomed and not shamed. I’m so grateful to Jasmine for the space she holds and I highly recommend Jasmine’s classes and circles.”

Koryn Lloyd – Yoni Mapping Therapist

“I was drawn – body and soul – to take part in the recent four week Shakti Yoga course with Jasmine, I was already in love with yoga however I was unsure what to expect from the course. On the first day I walked into the space and felt instantly comforted, safe and inspired, the circle was beautiful…I could feel my shoulders relax and my jaw loosen. ⁣

Jasmine guided us, a beautiful group of women from all walks of life, to let go, to embrace our feminine energy and to feel a little lighter, stronger. I loved every part of it – the breath work, the movement and the beautiful essential oils offered so generously. Thank you Jasmine, you are a treasure.”⁣ 💜 Nina Mackle

What do we do in the Shakti Yoga practice?

You will be invited to express authentic and organic movement through your body, in addition to classical yoga postures and mudras, to clear, align and open the nadis (energy channels).

The circulation of this vital energy assists with health, healing, creativity and spiritual connection. We use our bodies, sound and breath to tap into this deep well of Shakti within, moving energy using the yogic art of attention.

There will be a generous serve of restorative poses in each session that will allow you integrate the movement practice and experience the medicine of softness through stillness, deeper receptivity and complete surrender into relaxation.

This is truly where the magic of our Shakti yoga practice lies, allowing us to drop beneath ‘ordinary’ consciousness, access the deeper wisdom within and restore the balance in our bodies and energy system.

Each session looks a little something like this:

* An opening ritual with a Shakti invocation (mantra + mudra practice)

* Guided meditation and breath medicine

* A yoga practice to open the body and awaken the heart

* Stoking the fire and activating Shakti through a dynamic movement ritual

* Organic movement medicine – being guided from your inner body wisdom in your authentic embodied expression

* Restorative yoga for softness and receptivity

* Surrender + integration through deep relaxation

* Closing ritual including annointing with fragrant rose oil