What will a typical day look like on the trek?

Each day will look different and will adjust according to the needs of the group. As a general guide, our mornings will begin with meditation and breakfast. We will then start the day’s hike. We will practice yoga when the setting and inspiration arises along the way. There will be lots of time for connecting with one another, but also time to spend in silence to wholeheartedly soak up the beauty and wonder of the land. At the end of most days we will come together for a sharing circle and optional foot and shoulder rubs after a big day of walking.

What level of fitness do I need to do the trek?

The trekking will be physically challenging at times, and for this reason very rewarding! There is no rush and we will all walk at our own pace with plenty of stretch and breath breaks along the way Our pranayama (breathing) practices that will be shared in our morning meditation practices will also support our fitness. It’s suggested that you do some fitness training to prepare.

Do I need to have a regular yoga and meditation practice before the trip?

Some yoga experience is recommended for this trip. There will be daily sitting in meditation – the inner and more subtle yogas will be emphasised on this pilgrimage. If sitting isn’t already part of your routine it is recommended to begin once you commit to this trip so that the body can get used to the stillness.  Even just 10 minutes a day will prepare you for the time we spend in seated meditation during the journey.

Will I have to share a room?

It depends on the final number of participants but generally yes, you will be sharing a room with one of the other yoginis. There is a precious bonding that happens on this journey and the company and support we offer each other is one of the most empowering aspects of this journey for many women!

Can my dietary needs be met for the catered meals?

Most of the food will be nourishing cooked dahls, veggie curries and rice. Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan will easily be catered for.  It will also be possible to bring your own snacks on the trek if you have special nutritional requirements.

What would I need to pack for the trek?

Once you have put your hand up and committed to the pilgrimage I’ll send you a detailed packing list. Our guide will be available to help with any trekking equipment before we head off into the mountains – the prices are much less in Kathmandu than in Australia!

Will I get to connect with the other Yogini’s before the trip?

You sure will – I’ll set up a private Facebook group just for us! Brisbane based attendees will also have the opportunity to meet in person beforehand too.

Do you have more questions? Send me a message. There will also be an information call that I will announce soon.