"Journeying into the heart of Nepal had been on my radar for the longest time, sitting on the back burner and causing heart flutters each time a vision or mention of this majestic land manifested.

I had not long been immersing in Shakti circles with dear Jasmine before she dropped the final message in my lap and despite having no deep understanding of what would unfurl, I had the deepest trust and knowing that what Jasmine was conjuring and preparing to hold space for would be incredibly potent. And my intuition was not wrong.

Having often travelled alone I felt hesitation in travelling so closely with others, but journeying through the mountains with the beautiful women in our tight knit tribe was such a divine and unique opportunity to experience Nepal in a way would not have been privy to otherwise - supported so deeply by Jasmine’s devotion and wisdom, inspired by the energy all the women co-created, the generosity of the beautiful people of Nepal (especially our divine Guides and Porters - holy moly SO held by the masculine), humbled by the Himalayas - such powerful connections to one and all.

The most profound memory I have of the journey, was falling ill on the first day of trekking, and the overwhelming genuine tenderness, support and love from our travelling tribe - reaffirming for me (amongst many things) that surrender is safe, and allowing ourselves to be supported by others is our birthright.

I would never have imagined this journey and connections coming into existence the way in which it did. And my only wish for others is... if you feel called to take this journey, follow your heart. It will lead you down the most wonderful unknown track." - Katie

"The Himalayan Yogini Pilgrimage was a stunning way to experience the magic and majesty of Nepal. It was a little taster, as the land and culture have so many diverse experiences to embrace. We journeyed together as a circle of 8 sisters with Jasmine Rose leading us on this adventure of a life time.
As soon as we saw Mount Everest from the plane flying in, I knew this was going to be a very expanding trip. The two full weeks that followed on this sacred land were so wondrous that it cannot really be captured in words alone. Thank goodness for photos and videos to be able to revisit the wonder! 
The memories of being with our gorgeous group of women, our guide and his team and all the beautiful people we encountered along the way, will make my heart smile for a lifetime. The charismatic cities, the potent and power filled temples and shrines, the luscious green forests we walked through for days, absorbing the nature, and the imposing, serene mountains, once the mist cleared and we set our eyes on them, all played a part for me to feel my heart expand with deepening compassion, joy and peace.
Morning meditations and yoga sessions, led by Jasmine, were the perfect way to anchor into our bodies, hearts and souls the enrichment of being together on this journey. I cannot thank Jasmine enough for creating her dream into reality so I could share in this beautifully personal and deep experience with such wonderful people."

- Krissi Kalm - Yoga Teacher 
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'Thank you Jasmine for bringing us together for an unforgettable journey to experience the majesty of the Himalaya with such caring and spiritual women.  I shall never forget the feelings of doing yoga with the warmth of the morning sun on a ridge top surrounded by the beauty and presence of the mountains with eagle soaring over head.    What a once in a lifetime experience." - Jacqui

"My recent travels to Nepal with 7 beautiful fellow adventuresses is one trip that will stay with me forever. I loved the beauty I found in Nepal, the smiling friendly people, beautiful snow covered mountains, wonderful scenery, colourful marigolds, many early morning sunrises and the sense of peace I felt within me.

I really enjoyed our 7 day Mardi Himal trek, even though challenging at times with long days of walking (with breaks along the way!!) to arrive at the top of our mountain, I achieved that profound feeling of self accomplishment. We also had a wonderful support team in our guide and porters who made the trail easier and enjoyable for us all.

I would very much like to thank Jasmine 🌹for all the planning and organising of our trip to Nepal which ran smoothly from beginning to end. This trip was amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a unique and memorable adventure. " - Lyn