I am currently an apprentice on the Wise Womb Medicine path, studying with Naomi Love.

Wise Womb healing sessions are ceremonial botanical bodywork which includes massage of the breasts, belly, womb and ovaries (through the belly). It weaves in prayer, breathwork, healing with sound, aromatherapy and deep listening.

They invite a deep remembrance of the sacredness of the body and a returning home into the womb – a woman’s center – physically, energetically and spiritually. ⁣

Every time I lay my hands on a woman’s womb I am overcome with a deep reverence, a profound ancientness, a knowing that receiving this kind of bodywork is both a ceremonial rite and also a right for all women … ⁣to have their bodies touched with utmost love and presence; to be honoured as the antidote for all the ways women’s bodies have not been; and to create a safe and sacred space for healing; to reclaim the sacred space of the womb and to bring her home into her sacred centre, her seat of wisdom, creativity and power.


In these sessions I combine my devotion to the sacred feminine, my own deep inner journey into the womb and yoni, along with my many years working with women in healing settings. I am also a yoga teacher and hold an honours degree in psychology.

I can also support and coach you in relation to your menstrual cycle, embodiment, fertility, sexuality, womb self-care and feminine spirituality.

Sessions are between 2 and 2.5 hours and include a conversation over tea when you arrive to check in and clarify your intention for the session.

Here are some testimonials from women who have received sessions with me:

Jasmine has a wonderful sensitivity and intuition to know what I needed, when I needed it. The healing was very special and allowed me to be in the fullness of receptivity and presence with my heart and my womb.Journeying back in time. This is how it felt receiving a Wise Womb Healing from Jasmine Rose. This is the way I imagine women were once treated back in another time; sister supporting sister, completely held, nurtured and bathed in sound, touch and aromas from the music, song, herbs, oils and warmth in the temple Thank you for this divine gift.” KRISSI


“My recent healing with Jasmine was totally nourishing…like a giant embrace of my divine feminine. I felt completely held by the space that Jasmine created and the way the treatment flowed through lovingly delivered ritual, massage, sound and too many other delights to list! I imagined myself on a bed of leaves in the forest being tended to by fairies and nature spirits…a date with my inner earth goddess. This latest expression of Jasmine’s soul work feels like something she’s offered for lifetimes (and I’m guessing she has!)…If you want to soften, to retreat and to awaken your creative feminine energy, this healing is for you.” MERRYL


“Last week I had the absolute pleasure of receiving a Wise Womb healing session from Jasmine Rose. Jasmine’s approach to her work is deeply intuitive and it was completely tailored to meet my specific and particular needs in each moment. She had lovingly prepared the temple space with hand-picked flowers, plants, oils, music, warmth and support. My body was adorned with so much care and attention, in a way I have truly never experienced. My sorrow and my joy met equally and without fear, simple space to be exactly as I am and to be held there; that is no small thing.

This is absolutely practical, grounded magic being shared womb to womb, heart to heart, spirit to spirit. As a woman journeying through my own return to the inner wise woman, the wild woman, my true wild nature, this offering and work that is Jasmine’s great gift to us all is the supportive, safe, and unshackled place to find her that I have always longed for.

What this means for me now is to show up for myself and everyone in my life honestly, and without shame. If there is even the faintest whisper calling you to embark on this journey…. all I would say is please, listen.” HELENA


“I feel very very full and cenetred after yesterday, like I am sitting in a light bowl throne. I feel I am in my power. It has been a. total revelation to see what it means to be fully activated and filled up with who my core is.” DENISE


“Those of you who have a womb or who now carry the energetic imp resent of theirs within the… I whole wombedly recommend receiving from Jasmine in this new but old work she is now offering. Such nurturing and worship gets forgotten in the day to day, receiving is remembering! Thank you sweet you! Feeling deeply cared for.” JULIETTE


“Three  days on I am still integrating and reflecting on what took place in that Wise Womb session. My heart, womb and body were nourished in a way I didn’t know existed. Connection, healing and a new level of awareness unfolded.

Jasmine has a presence about her that I have not felt with anyone else on this earth. With her I feel safe. Yes I felt vulnerable stepping into the session yet I stepped in because of the space she holds.

I was reminded of my ancient wisdom that can not be lost. I forgave and was forgiven for years of hating on my physical body. My heart expanded again into realms of awareness and gratitude that I was ready for. I was reminded of the support I have from the universe.

I awakened. I healed. My eyes are open. My belly is soft. I know that in my own healing I heal others. Thank you Jasmine. As the moments continue to open, I am already looking forward to to our next session and the Wise Womb awakening even more.” ZOE

Please contact me to book a Wise Womb healing session in my temple in Upper Brookfield, Brisbane.