DANCE OF THE WOMB – 26th May 3-6pm – Women’s temple ritual


3pm – 6pm in Upper Brookfield, Brisbane. Sunday 26th May 2024.

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I invite you to join me in the temple on May 26th in the lush natural surrounds of Upper Brookfield, Brisbane. Enjoy a meandering drive out of the city where the air is fresh and the green rolling landscape invites a softening before you even arrive.


You will be warmly welcomed with an oil blessing from myself and my temple assistant as we gather in our circle of women.


How the ritual will unfold:


🌹We will gather in circle for a short opening ritual and cacao will be served (infused with red rose).

🌹Then I will guide us in a 30 minute Shakti Yoga practice (my womb-centered yoga style) to gather our awareness into the womb, which will prepare us for the dance ritual.

🌹 DANCE! The main event. Through the dance you will go on your own journey. This is NOT choreographed dance. Instead you will be led by your womb with the cacao and rose medicine coursing through your body in support. The 90 playlist I craft will be designed to drop us deeply in to the depths of our feminine center, in all of her glory and wildness. Throbbing beats will pulsate within the womb, stir the hips, and evoke the innate eros here.

🌹 We will complete in stillness to integrate the journey, followed by a closing circle and opportunity to share, if you wish.


The womb is an often untapped source of power, wisdom, sensuality and creativity in woman. Through breath, movement, sound and dance we will access the power of this space, awakening the womb’s energy and wisdom. Expect to feel activated but grounded after this event.


The venue boasts wooden floors, an epic soundsystem, and lush green surrounds so we can feel connected with nature. Exact location and further details will be sent to ticket holders a few days before the event.




Organic and fair-trade ceremonial grade cacao sourced from Mama Bali will be served, bringing in her earthy and heart-opening support as we venture into the realm of Womb.


Rose, and particularly red rose, is connected to the Feminine mysteries. The cacao will be infused with rose and brewed with the intention of unfolding the rose of the womb with love and reverence.


*** THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE EVENT WITH ONLY 13 TICKETS AVAILABLE *** Booking early is recommended to avoid disappointment.



Read more about Shakti Yoga here

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The session begins at 3pm, though please plan to arrive by 2:50pm at the latest. The event concludes at 6pm.

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PLEASE NOTE: Bookings non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you have any questions about this event, please get in touch.



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