Shakti Yoga 3-hour Retreat 28th January Brisbane


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This luscious three hour retreat is an opportunity to deeply soften, unravel and nourish your feminine waters in a nurturing sacred space with the foundress of Shakti Yoga, Jasmine Rose.

A sumptuous sacred space will be created for us to revel in the beauty, and to drop deeply into our sacred embodiment as woman.

Shakti Yoga is a ritual feminine yoga and embodiment practice, rooted in devotional Tantra, designed specifically for the female body, also described as womb-centered yoga. This is a practice that not only honours the female body and cycles, but fully harnesses the 𝒔𝒉𝒂𝒌𝒕𝒊- the power of being woman; particularly the power that dwells within the female pelvis.

Through movement rituals, mantra, mudra and breath, Shakti Yoga supports and empowers women to feel more at home and alive in their bodies; to reclaim and feel more sensual and powerful in their feminine energy, and to be in touch with their body wisdom.

This session will be accompanied by an evocative soundscape, sublime sensual delights such as essential oils and mists, and there will be time to connect at the end.

❤︎ Grounding meditation, intentions and ritual invocation
❤︎ Slow, sensual warm-up
❤︎ Signature Shakti Yoga practices to connect with the womb* & our primordial power
❤︎ Organic movement practice – “Letting Shakti Lead” – to access your innate body wisdom and authentic expression
❤︎ Restorative yoga – an invitation to rest, let go and receive deeply
❤︎ Deep relaxation
❤︎ Closing circle + tea and treat

*’Womb’ refers to both the physical organ (uterus) and the energetic power centre in the middle of the pelvis – so if you have had your womb removed – you are more than welcome – the energetic imprint of your womb very much remains!

This is deep, inner alchemical work that taps us into our well of Shakti – a potent force for healing, rejuvenation and transformation. The benefits are amplified through the power of the circle of women, which is how we practice.

***No Yoga experience necessary!***

Newcomers are welcome – this will be a foundational Shakti Yoga session – perfect if you would like to dip your toes in. Returning Shakti Yoginis are more than welcome!! This is a practice that keeps on giving and giving, ever deepening and delighting.

Read more about Shakti Yoga here

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This session will be offered at Gaia Mu Temple in Highgate Hill, Brisbane (further details will be sent to ticket holders).

The session begins at 3pm, though please plan to arrive 15 minutes before to get settled in – the doors will close as soon as we begin.The event concludes at 6pm

You will leave feeling rejuvenated, lushed up, radiating beauty from this inside, and very much in touch with the power of your sacred femininity.

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PLEASE NOTE: Bookings non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you have any questions about this event, please get in touch.



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