Medicine of the rose, Sacred Feminine

Rites, roses & rebirth {the story of why I changed my name}

You might’ve noticed I have a thing for roses..⁣.and that I go by the name of Jasmine Rose.⁣

This has been my name for a year now. ⁣
When the rose began to call me, whispering at first, her allure captured my attention, and I turned toward her. ⁣I listened to her whisper, which became a resounding call as she quietly revealed her wisdom, gradually intoxicating me with fragrance & beauty, wrapping me in the soft folds of her petals to remind me …⁣how loved I am; ❤️⁣ the blessings of being a woman; ⁣the wisdom of the womb ⁣and the sacredness of sexuality. ⁣

⁣As I step into my womanhood, I recognise that although I am the daughter of my parents who named me Jasmine, I am eternally the daughter of the Great Mother – ⁣She who is guiding me on this path. ⁣

The Rose is considered a symbol of the Divine Feminine, associated with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.⁣ The Rose to me is a living expression of She; a messenger from the Mystery, a frequency of Love that we can tune into any time. ⁣

The rose began to show up on my path with remarkable consistency and through the the wildest of synchronicities.⁣  Eventually it became clear that “Rose” was my true name. ⁣

After six months of deliberating, it felt like the right thing to do and so I made it official! ⁣A year ago on the spring equinox, I went up the elevator to the registry. Somebody stepped in with a bouquet of roses, reassuring me I was on the right path (even though my mind doubted it like crazy). ⁣

After I’d signed the papers, I went back out into the foyer and there was a different person with another bouquet of roses. ⁣

Changing my last name was of no disrespect to my father’s line, but a true ownership of my essence; an act of sovereignty.⁣

Knowing the power of the vibration of words, it felt important to have a name that is a true reflection of my soul essence. ⁣ And so it is! I truly have not looked back.

Changing my last name to “Rose” was symbolic of a rebirth I am currently in the throes of – a rebirth as woman – no longer my parent’s daughter, but my own woman. ⁣

The little girl in me is slowly being integrated, loved and held as the powerful woman in me rises.

I am being confronted with some seriously uncomfortable truths during this initiation – many of them way more mundane than mystical!! ⁣

Rites of passage into womanhood are seriously lacking in our culture, and prior to now I have felt the absence of something so important.⁣

So I feel very blessed to be undertaking such a rite with a dear and respected elder in my community in a couple of weeks time – which just so happens to begin on my 33rd birthday! ⁣

It is time. ⁣

I am ready, willing and supported. ⁣

Life is testing me in brand new ways; urging me to take the next step into the fullness of the medicine I have to bring while I am here on earth. ⁣

This has rattled and rocked a lot in my world as I’ve known it, in so many ways that I haven’t shared about here as I’ve needed to sit in the crucible and honour the sacredness of this transformative fire. ⁣

… so much is falling away right now and I am deep in the fertile darkness of the void. The Mystery demands I befriend her. ⁣

Rose continues weaves her magic and medicine into my life in all manner of wonderful ways. ⁣

… surprising me, delighting me, comforting me, and most importantly, awakening me to Love. ⁣

{As I was writing this I had a delivery of rose chocolate to my doorstep!! YUMMMM!}⁣

I now weave the magic, mystery and medicine rose into my offerings (have you seen my latest offering??), and sense there will be more of this to come. ⁣

Love and rose blessings to you all!

Jasmine Rose 🌹

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